What IF...

Written by Wade Praeger, with apologies to Kipling.

IF you can hold your line when all about you
Swerve and crash when they  ride,
If you can trust the guy ahead to swim true,
But make allowance for currents and  tide.
If you can train and not make training too serious,
Or be hungry and not hunger for fries,
Or being ridiculed, not be too ridiculous
By wearing an aero’ helmet on a group ride.


The Inner Machiavellian Coach or . . . tricking yourself to train

Let me guess; your new year’s resolutions are ancient history. You bought new goggles for the pool and fenders for your bike but you still haven't used them. So now it is time for Trickery. I’m sure a lack of motivation is not your problem. We all have a hundred reasons to train and stay in shape but it just seems that the structure of our lives and the vectors of our interests make consistent training difficult to manage. You can try bribing yourself with doughnuts and ice cream, or you can try extorting desired behaviors with gym memberships and coaching fees, but often it’s just not enough. (Besides, bribing yourself with ice cream isn’t very productive).


Tri Coaching - Profile of a hard trainer and coach: Ben Bigglestone

Written by Wade Praeger.

Ben Bigglestone has been a triathlon coach for over ten years and has been competing for over 20 dating back to his days in Leeds, U.K. He is a true tri-geek in the best possible way. He coaches, he runs the VO2 max tri team, he owns the VO2 Performance Center in Bellevue (with his triathlon competing wife Cindy) and he’s worked in the industry for Blue Seventy and TYR. Bigglestone has participated in countless triathlons from po-dunk little sprints to a couple appearances in the World Ironman Championships in Kona. His 9:43 time at Ironman Canada in 2005 was a highlight of his long carrier, but he’s just as proud of his win at the Troika Half that same year.